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Word on the Street

Elizabeth brings deep expertise in health care policy and has extensive experience evaluating public policy options, designing improvements to existing programs and piloting new interventions to benefit patients. She is dependable, and her work is always excellent and delivered on time. You will find Elizabeth to be a great partner in your statewide policy making efforts.

Laurel Karabatsos, Acting Medicaid Director

Elizabeth is a top-notch policy thinker and a great collaborator. She is smart, practical and results-oriented. I've found Elizabeth to be particularly effective in capturing and translating complex policy concepts into everyday language and working across stakeholder groups to find common ground. Her depth of experience at the federal and state level makes her a real asset on health policy projects.

Cody Bezley, Common Good Consulting

Elizabeth is very bright, inclusive in solicitation of voices for input and pragmatic in application. She brings a deep experience in public policy and programing issues under scrutiny. I found her communication skills extremely effective in our work with stakeholders, patients and providers. She is passionate about improving the health and well-being of Coloradans.

Bob Dyer, PhD, CEO



At Baskett, we practice disruptive innovation, responsibly

Elizabeth Baskett is the founder and principal at Baskett. Elizabeth is a change agent - known for getting things done. She established her expertise through first-hand experiences in her dynamic career that's taken her to multiple states and Washington, D.C.. Over the course of her 16+ year career, Elizabeth has: successfully led a private sector organization to peak performance; served on the leadership teams of multiple Medicaid agencies; designed, advocated and implemented public policy at state Legislatures and in the U.S. Congress where she helped pass and implement the Affordable Care Act.

Elizabeth has dedicated her career to improving opportunities for all individuals and families to live healthy, happy and connected lives. Growing up in a single-parent, low-income home gives Elizabeth her drive to ensure all individuals and families have equal opportunity to thrive. 

Elizabeth is a recognized leader with a reputation of integrity, push the envelope innovation and teamwork. She practices conscious leadership and helps clients of Baskett achieve their goals while enjoying the journey.

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