“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”
~Margaret Mead

Universal coverage & health equity lette


Biden/Harris & CO Congressional Delegation: Take action immediately to address health inequities 

An influental group of health policy stakeholders came together to urge the new Administration to take action immediately upon inauguration to advance policies to both respond to the pandemic and realign the agenda toward universal coverage and elimination of health inequities.

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Bringing together diverse interests

Baskett brought together diversified interests to find common ground around making heatlh care more affordable for Coloradans. 

The focus of the Health Care Affordability Group is on increasing health care affordability for Colorado consumers. Our north star for this work is individuals, families, patients and communities. Members of the group include:

● Chronic Care Collaborative
● Colorado Association of Health Plans
● Colorado BioScience Association
● Colorado Center on Law and Policy
● Colorado Consumer Health Initiative
● Colorado Hospital Association
● Colorado Medical Society
● Healthier Colorado

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Colorado Health Policy Coalition

Baskett is proud to be the lead facilitator of the Coalition. We're working hard to make sure Coloradans facing economic and social barriers are not overlooked as the state and federal government works to respond to the outbreak, and the impacts of efforts to contain the spread.

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Keeping Doors Open to Care During COVID-19

In the early days of COVID-19, Baskett worked with local Colorado health foundations and the state Medicaid department to develop a ground breaking public-private partnership to support strapped safety net providers. The program leverages philanthropic funds to pull down federal matching Medicaid funds to provide close to $5M in relief payments to primary care doctors facing staff layoffs and clinic closures due to COVID-19 lock downs. The program has become a model program for other states looking to support their front line health care providers through the pandemic.

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From Ideas to Action

Baskett often partners with other think tanks and consulting firms on projects, contributing the strategic advising needed to move from ideas to action. On behalf of Colorado's children and youth with special health care needs, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment asked for Baskett's help execute on the policy agenda that the Colorado Health Institute created. Together we hosted meetings with stakeholders and developed a patient and family-centered action plan to address The ABCs of Health Equity for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs.

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Convening communities to address health needs

Centura Health System, the largest hospital system in Colorado, asked Baskett to bring together local communities in their hospital service areas to identify top health needs and align efforts to address them. Baskett convened a diverse set of stakeholders in three local Colorado communities: Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Canon City to lay the groundwork for collaboration and health improvement in the areas of food insecurity, access to healthy food, obesity, mental health and substance use, teen vaping and housing affordability and homelessness. We developed detailed reports to define the health needs using quantitative and qualitative data and describe current efforts underway that can be aligned to address community health needs. Baskett designed the reports to meet federal Internal Revenue Service requirements around community benefit for charitable hospitals.

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A stakeholder letter to Governor Polis

Clients often approach Baskett with a general idea of what they need, and this project was no different. The Colorado Health Foundation approached us with an extremely tight timeline to get a critical message across to the state's new Governor. We were able to jump right in with our public policy expertise and technical writing skills and help a large group of dynamic stakeholders come together to speak in one voice to Colorado's new Governor. Packed with relevant research and concrete public policy recommendations; and written in a constructive and collaborative tone; this project is an example of how Baskett is helping coalitions rise to the next level. In the end over 35 organizations signed on to the Letter to Governor Polis and Lieutenant Governor Primavera of Colorado



Providing policy support to Medicaid

Clients often need our help with more than one project at a time. We are flexible in our contracting arrangements and can hang around just as long as you need us.

Leveraging our deep Medicaid and public policy expertise, we are helping Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) with a myriad of policy projects. Health First Colorado is keeping us on hand and in house to help with all kinds of technical health policy issues in 2019, including innovative work on critical health coverage programs.

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Baskett writes winning proposals

Baskett served as team lead and principle author for two successful RFP bid proposals for the Colorado Medicaid program. Three proposals totaling over 1800 pages were developed in a 11-week period. The RFP writing team was ultimately successful in an extremely competitive bidding process, winning two new 7-year Medicaid contracts, serving over 330,000 Medicaid members in eight urban and rural Colorado counties.

Assertive Leadership


Baskett's leadership tools

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