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Rise to the Occasion



Baskett is here to help you and your organization rise to the occasion. Our dynamic set of services reflect nearly two decades of on-the-job training. We have sat in your chair and bring demonstrable expertise in leading organizations to success; enacting smart public policy; implementing cutting-edge innovation; and working across varied interests to build consensus and drive transformation.

We offer a broad range services that are customized to meet the needs of you and your organization. Whether its strategic advising, practicing conscious leadership or engaging with your community, we bring a reputation of integrity, partnership and success to all of our projects.



Discover Our Expertise

Are you awake at work? Or are you just working?

Conscious Leadership is the key to career success. We're here to help you get your groove back: leverage your strengths, face your weaknesses and thrive. We've sat in your seat and are your loyal partner reaching new heights.

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